Sorry Overwatch Fans, No Easter or Valentine’s Day Events in the Works


Blizzard has finally confirmed to our horror that there will be no special events for Easter or Valentine’s Day, although we were only somewhat certain there would be something in the works because of a few leaked lines about chocolate in the game’s public test realm.

According to a Reddit thread, Redditor akhanubis posted three Valentine’s Day voice lines he discovered. These are from healer Mercy, cyborg ninja Genji and the archer Hanzo. This has led to speculations that a Valentine’s Day event may indeed be in the works.

However, immediately following the rumors Blizzard shut down the curious players. We all know how much fun Valentine’s Day events on World of Warcraft  are so it only makes sense that we were hoping for some awesome things for Overwatch, which I might add won the  2016 Best Game Title of the Year award.

Following a new tweet in which a player asked about the possibility of an Overwatch Easter or Valentine’s Day event, Blizzard confirmed that no such events are planned. Upon being asked for clarification in regards to this decision, the studio responded that Overwatch is not the kind of game to celebrate those sorts of holidays and have decided to go in another direction. Having said that, it is confirmed that new themed events will come to the game in the future, though what those may be remains to be seen:


Future Updates

According to Game Rant, while this news can be disappointing for fans, there are a lot of potential events to look forward to. The third season of Competitive Play is about to end as well, which gives Blizzard good reason to wait for it to end before kicking off with another event as well. There are also character balance changes to come to roster as well, with Bastion receiving his last month.

There will be new features teased for players, and we also got a new capture the flag mode for arcade. Players will be able to save favorite highlights and access a server browser in future updates.

Plus, we’ve got Terry Crews voicing Doomfist in the near future, what else can we ask for?


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