How Animated Star Wars Actress, Ashley Eckstein Started a Fangirl Fashion Revolution

Her Universe Founder, Ashley Eckstein wears the new Star Wars “May the Force be with You” denim jacket, which has the famous phrase embroidered on the back. For the full interview click here.



If you haven’t heard of HerUniverse you must be living under a rock–or so I’m told about the trendy online shop that caters to petite and plus-sized women.

She speaks about how she completely left out the color pink, even though she really loved the color to give the brand a bit more of an edge for fangirls, she goes on to say: “I love the color pink, but in the beginning [I decided] there would be nothing in our line with the color pink. Female fans, they’d kind of been treated like an afterthought. They would make 20 shirts for guys and one shirt for girls, and it would be in pink and it would say ‘I Heart Star Wars.’ We’ve got enough pink t-shirts to last a lifetime. I want a black t-shirt with Darth Vader on it, which was at the time unheard of.”

In order to get her business going she had to partner with LucasFilms so that she could legally use the logos, and at first she explains that they really only had about nine products to work from. As the company grew, it acquired licenses from the Syfy channel, Disney, Marvel, BBC and Studio Ghibli, and expanded its offerings to include sweaters, jackets, dresses, leggings and an accessories line. Eckstein knew that she’d have to step up the game in the fashion world and managed to partner with Hot Topic in 2016.

Eckstein has literally changed the fashion industry for fan girls everywhere and without her amazing designs that appeal to both hardcore fans and casual ones, I don’t think we’d have the kind of clothes we have in our closets, although creating designs that will appeal to both kinds of fans isn’t always easy. “I did discover there’s a difference between super inside designs that may speak to the hardcore fans, and then you have to offer a design that even casual fans will like to. If you can find that design that speaks to both the hardcore fan and the casual fan…that’s like the unicorn design,” says Eckstein.

I can’t get enough of this ultra-chic, adorable Totoro coat with a price tag of $99.90. If you would like to take a better look please click on the photo for the link to Her Universe.

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