4 Amazing Products for Under $20 to Check Out on Kickstarter

download1.) Dwarven Traders– $15

I get it we’re probably all sick of the countless card games on Kickstarter, but I feel like this one looks especially appealing. Maybe, I’m just a sucker for Dwarves and having a big pint of beer in my hand. I just imagine that by the looks of the card to the right that the writing is witty and full of nerdy jokes, and I’ll bust out my best accents for a night of fun. I like the concept of this game because there isn’t a lot of skill involved. You need to be wary of prices, but if you can keep track of the way jewels are fluctuating in price you should be able to win the game. Tip: Try not to get too distracted by the pretty girl sitting beside you.

Also, this is the teams 7th published title so that if you’re worried about the intricacies of the rules–I feel like after 7 games they should have a solid idea of what they’re doing.

For more information on rules and how to get your own copy click here for the Kickstarter page.

2.) Chameleon Pens– $10

I’m not really sure if it’s the ’90s kid stuck inside me or not, but every time I see some weird gimmicky art product I tell myself it’s the thing that I need to be a real artist. Thank you, Lisa Frank for your bright and colorful inspiration. No, but I’ve been looking at these amazing pens for quite some time, and I actually need to just buy them already. I love thinking about the ability to work on your art without having to switch colors. Another awesome thing with this is that the colors are refillable. I think they’ve done an awesome job with the ability to gradually blend colors without much effort on your part. If you’re interested in seeing some art in action using these pens check it out here.


3.) Malty the Bear Hot Cocoa–$20

Alright, folks winter might be almost over, but you can’t dare tell me I can’t buy myself an adorable baby bear full of hot chocolate that tastes like delicious malt balls. I’m not from the ’60s, but now that I know this used to be a thing I really wish I could say I was born in that era. Seriously, I need to try this stuff. This is going to be one of the more expensive products on the list, but if you’re as big a fan of hot cocoa as I am then it’s totally worth it. Find the Kickstarter page with a list of ingredients here.


4.) Pixlplay–$20

Here’s another $20 item with really amazing features for parents. This product turns your phone into an adorable, indestructible camera made especially for kids. If your kids are constantly playing games on your phone then this is a great way to get them to use their creativity and go outside and learn a fun hobby like photography. It won’t be this price for long as this is the early bird price, but if you’re itching to get your kids out with you then this might be just what you’ve been looking for. For more information check out their page.





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